Raising Business Angels Investment

''Raising Business Angel Investments'' is a guidebook for enterpreneurs prepared to demystify the equity raising process. It has a particular focus on what
entrepreneurs should look out for when raising equity from business angel investors.

You can download HERE the complete guidebook.

Due Diligence Guidelines

Due Dilligence is an important stage in the investment decision process. It is realistically the last chance to spot that a potential investment has major problems and that we should not proceed. Alternatively the due dilligence might identify serious weaknesses in the business, and lead to conditions on the investment to deal with these.

  • You can find HERE a short compendium with due diligence guidelines
  • You can find HERE a due diligence template

Shareholders agreement

You can find HERE a template of a shareholders agreement.

Please keep in mind that this is only a template, and that it will needed to be tailor-made to meet your specific  legal and commercial requirements.


You can find HERE a template for a termsheet.