E!nnoVest Awareness Webinars

E!nnoVest partners have organized two awareness webinars to introduce the main goals and activities of the programme.

You can view below a record of the Awareness Webinar

E!nnoVest Investment Readiness Webinars

Within the Framework of the E!InnoVest program, EBN and EBAN are organising two one-hour interactive webinars on the following topics:

1. Sales and business development – addressing scaling up challenges (Powered by EBN)


Coach: Philip Diab, Serial enterpreneur known from TV shows in Sweden

This webinar addressed the main scale-up challenges and put forward the best ways to overcome these, from access to international markets to access to later stage funding. The experts answered questions or challenges that enterpreneurs may be facing. The webinar was targeted specifically to the IT and the life science sectors.

2. Potential sources of investment (Powered by EBAN)

  • Candace Johnson, President of EBAN
  • Audra Shallal, BOSS Consulting

This webinar  presented the available sources of funding for startups: Angel investment, venture capital, loans, European grants, national funding programmes, etc. It helped entrepreneurs to obtain a clear understanding of what each source of investment entails – how the processes differ, the specifics of each investment type, etc. Through this webinar, entrepreneurs were better equipped to decide what type of funding they should go after depending on the stage of their startup’s development, among other characteristics. 

3. Planning the fundraising through an effective process (Powered by EBAN)

  • Antal Koralyi, President Hungarian BAN
  • Jaakko Salminen, President Emeritus FIBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network)

This webinar tackles the different steps that one has to go through when raising fund for his/her venture. It will answer questions such as: how does a startup know when it is investment ready? What source of investment should entrepreneurs seek at different stages of the company’s development? The webinar helps entrepreneurs set clear goals and avoid the common pitfalls of unplanned fundraising.

4.Building your Investment ready business plan and value proposition  (Powered by EBN)

Coach: Frida Hedin, Connect South Sweden
Frida is running her own company, HEDFRI Management, that helps small and medium-sized companies to insight and focus generating desired result and competitiveness.


This webinar will offered an overview of the key ingredients needed to create a solid business plan. It helps entrepreneurs tailor their business plan to the sector of the venture and of course, provide information on what is needed to ensure its success. During the webinar experts address fundamental questions that must be taken into consideration when creating a business plan, such as: What are the key competitive advantages and value proposition? when will the business start making a profit? Is my business plan convincing enough? The webinar is targeted specifically to the IT and the life science sectors.

5. Communication to investors - including in presentations and negotiations (Powered by EBAN)

  • Jaroslav Luptak, Neulogy Ventures
  • Amparo De San Jose, IESE BAN

This webinar with EBAN focuses on the relationship that builds between the entrepreneur and his/her investor. Entrepreneurs get information on how to increase the visibility of their company to investors, how to approach them, how present their company in the best light, etc. The webinar discusses the expectations of both investors and entrepreneurs and how to reconcile them. It also gives tips on how to negotiate with investors in order to reach the best possible deal for both parties.