E!nnoVest past participants share their recommendations.

Guggi Kodof - CEO Inmold:

'I would definitely recommend the E!nnoVest  programme. If not to attract funds, you will gain essential experience and feedback on your ideas''.

Ignacio Grillo - Director Green Vac:

β€œIn E!nnoVest we saw excellent projects and professionals – and the programme already helped us find an interested investor (also based in Spain). I would definitely recommend it!”


Christian Vieider - Managing Director Ascatron:

''The feedback I got at E!nnoVest not only improved my presentations, but also made us think about the way we look at our business; the focus we have on our product and the way we should look at our competitors. So it helped me to get a clearer picture of our business plan.''





Oscar Chabrera - Co-Founder Vilnyx:

''E!nnoVest (former HTIP programme) has been very effective in setting contacts with different VC's we met during the Brussels and Alpine Venture sessions. We have extended our seed investment by $400K leveraging from $1.7M to $2.1M in order to allow one of our customers to move from partner to Strategic Investor.''